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create an account

To join or create a tournament you will need an account. Easily create one with the front end  registration form.


Join/create a team

World of Vanilla gives you the power to create your own team or if you prefer joining an already created one.


join/host a tournament

As a user or a team you have the power of hosting tournaments, deciding on tournament types and prices for the winners.

If you see a tournament that you think you are worth of you can also try your luck by joining it and climb to glory!


win fantastic prizes

Raise to the top and win amazing prizes!



How can I create tournaments?

A tournament can be created using the Create a tournament button in the profile drop down menu.

Add some basic info about tournament


Additional info on the fields:

  • Tournament title - Name your tournament
  • Time/date - Set start time, date and timezone.
  • Tournament description - This field can be used to give some basic tournament information.
  • Number of participants - This is the maximum number of participants in tournament. Minimum number of participants joined to have brackets generated is 3.
  • Tournament type - Form of tournament which will be used. Default type is Knockout. World of Vanilla gives you 3 more tournament types: Ladder, Round Robin with Knockout.
  • Location - Set where tournaments will be held. Examples: Realm, Faction, Zone, US or EU. Whatever you need.
  • Game - Set which game will be played in this tournament.
  • Contestants - Who will be able to join, users or teams?
  • Game format - How many rounds will be played per match. Choose one of 5 formats, from best of 1 (single round) to best of 5 (5 rounds per map).
  • Game frequency - This is a time between matches. You can set it from 15 minutes up to one match per month.
  • Tournament frequency - How often will this tournament occur? Will it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly one? If you want to have one time tournament, just leave this setting as it is.
  • Regulations - Additional tournament regulations and informations. You can add more fields to provide as much details to your players.
  • Rewards - Set your rewards if there are some.

You can also add regulations and prizes


You are ready to publish tournament and wait for teams/users to Join.

Knockout tournament type is available as default.

What are tournament types?

World of Vanilla currently has 4 supported tournament types: Knockout, Ladder, Round Robin + Knockout and League. As soon as tournament start time occurs, brackets are generated. You need at least 3 participants to generate brackets.


The simplest tournament type. Winner of a match goes to the next round. Tournament is over when last pair of participants play their match.


As soon as tournament starts, table and match schedules will be generated. Participant will have two matches against every other participant (home and away). Win gives 3 points, Draw gives 1 points, Defeat gives no points. Once everyone finish their matches, theme will declare a winner by total earned points.

Round Robin + Knockout

This tournament type is combination of League and Knockout tournaments. First we have a league part, and once we finish it, theme generate playoff brackets in form of knockout. The number of participants in knockout phase depends on tournament participants number.


Ladder is specific because it doesn't have end time. Tournament ends when tournament creator press STOP button. Goal of ladder is to get to the top by challenging participants above you, and defending yourself from those beneath you. You can challenge up to 2 positions above you, and get challenged by those 2 places under. If Place5 challenges Place3 and wins, they switch positions. In case Place3 wins, they stay in same positions. There are also charges for challenge and decline. Each time you challenge someone, you lose one challenge charge. Also if you decline someones challenge, you lose one decline charge. You get new set of charges every 24h, and they are not cumulative. If player doesn't have any decline charges left, but he gets challenged, if he doesn't accept the challenge in specific time period, World of Vanilla will consider that as forfeit, and he will switch places with challenger.

How can I create teams?

Creating teams

A team can be created using the Create a team button in the profile drop down menu. Each user can create any number of teams, and can be a member to any number of teams created by others.



Important! During team creation process, team admin has to select which games his/her team plays. Otherwise other teams won't be able to challenge his/her team. To do that, the team admin has to add a Games Block to the team's page. Here's how to do that:


Edit your games block by clicking pen icon (marked in red) and set block title and games played by team.

When creating a team, a user can select team's name, avatar and custom background. He/she will even have access to create a layout of the team's page!

How can I become a member of another team?


Every user has a possibility to become a member of another team. To do that, visit another team’s page and click the Request to join button.

Once the request is sent, the team’s admin will see your request on his team’s ‘Members’ page. Team admin can then accept or refuse the request.

Can I assign team members admin role?


Team admins can designate other team users for administrator role. This can be done from the team’s ‘Members’ tab.


Keep in mind that only one user (the original team creator) can be a Super Admin of the team. Only Super Admins can manage team’s page and settings.

How can I challenge a team?

Challenging other teams for a match!

Each team can challenge any other team (that plays the same game) for a match. To do that, a member of one team has to visit another team's page and click the Challenge *team name button. Once the challenge has been sent, it will appear in another team's Matches tab, where that team's user can either accept or refuse the challenge.


Once the challenge has been accepted, the match will appear in both teams' Matches tab.

Once the match expires, users of a team that took part in that match will be able to input the score for that match. The score has to be accepted by the opposing team - only then it will be displayed for everyone to see.

Can I report a match?


Every user can report / flag a match. This can be done by clicking the flag icon in the top-left corner of a match page.


Reported matches will only visible to the website administrator, in the backend.

Website admin will then have a choice to lock the match.